About Foundation Of Poor Orphans Uganda


The Mission For The Orphanage is to nurture needy children to become emotionially secure, physically healthy, spiritually strong, and intellectually capable adults.


Foundation Of Poor Orphans Uganda strives to become a model home for orphans and vulnerable groups of children in the Elgon region, through the provision of quality education, accomodation, medical care and nutrition, with the goal promoting their growth and development.


The inniative for Starting Foundation Of Poor Orphans Uganda arose from the need to help the many suffering orphans in the sebei community in Eastern Uganda, East Africa. FPOU is a voice for helpless children calling for help to be brought up like other children.

Foundation Of Poor Orphans Uganda not only cares for children without parents but also those for one reason or another have missed the care of parents. It is a family for those without families in the region.


Foundation Of Poor Orphans Uganda was formally registered as an NGO through the NGO registration Act of the Republic of Uganda in 2017. Its a non-profit, non-political NGO with the Registration number 05561. There its an independent NGO with its own mandate, mission and constitution.